with Rotzler winch and mountain pillar

110 HP  / date of first registration: 30.09.1993

color:           yellow
km:              104.343
hours:         3.850
tires:           405/70 R20 Conti AC 70, ca. 80%

– 2 x 4 gearshift, without splitting
– hydraulicsystem 3-cell
– hydraulic connection front 4-times
– P.T.O. front
– P.T.O. rear to drive the hydraulic of the winch
– 120 liter fuel tank
– exhaust to the top
– tipper zylinder

ROTZLER winch, Typ: HD 10.000 H3-105

constructed: 1979
mountain pillar,
without technical documents
fulling force:
1. Lage:  100 KN
2. Lage:    90 KN
3. Lage:    81 KN
4. Lage:    73 KN
cable diameter Ø 18 mm, wire length:  ca. 55 m
coversion to a thinner wire should be possible.
The pulling force must be recuded

SCHAEFF front loader (without bucket and cylinder)
as hook device.

The Unimog will also be sold without front loader.
The vehicle is in good condition.
The cab has the beginning of rust.