prepared for camper construction

Maybe the Unimog 1300 L /136 HP / constructed: 1987, is fimilar to you?
We participated with this vehicle at the jubilee celebration on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Unimog Club Gaggenau.

In autumn 2018the Unimog was sold to a family from the Chiemsee and in late summer of 2019 a camper will be installed.
As you can see on the pictures of the pickup, this Unimog is more than a Unimog!
He seems to have become a family member immediately 🙂

The Unimog is not only visually eye-catching, it is also technically very high quality equipped:
engine: OM 366A, Claas overdrive, 2 x 160 liter fuel tank, dual-circuit trailer brake system, etc.
We wish the young, sympathitic family eventful, unforgettabele beautiful journeys and always a good trip!