A Matter to our hearts

The cooperation with the American company Bob Taylor Guitar or Crelicam S.A.R.L in Cameroon has become a matter close to our hearts.
In June 2021 we already loaded the third Unimog 1300 L to Cameroon. Our cooperation began in 2014 with a personal visit from Bob Tylor and some employees to us in Puergen.
Since then we have been working very closely together on all issues relating to the Unimog. Several times a year we send new or used spare parts, but also areconditioned gearbox or engine to Cameroon.
Not an easy undertaking when you know how complex the administrative lead-up for freight to African countries is. You are welcome to get a picture of the Crelicam company in Yaoundé and in the minute 2:41 of the film „The Team of Crelicam“ you can even see two of our Unimog.